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1. Pick a character, pairing, or fandom you like.
2. Turn your music player on and turn it on random/shuffle.
3. Write a drabblet/ficlet related inspired by each song that plays. You only have the time
frame of the song to finish the drabble; you start when the song starts, and stop when it's
over. No lingering afterward! No matter how whacked out your drabble is. :)
4. Do ten of these, then post them.

I worked on this earlier today. It was a lot of fun. ^__^ And I just chose random pairings and characters and whatnot. I'm pretty sure [ profile] enthroned's going to enjoy a few if not all of these. xD

1. If We kissed - Meridith Brooks

They were entangled in each other. Rolling. Kissing. Touching. Hair being pulled as one, than the other started getting rough. How did this come about? Oshitari knew how but he couldn't believe it. Tezuka? Of all people.

Shirts few off into the floor as Oshitari's mind began to think back on the previous events that led up to this. The both of them just talking while they drank. Tezuka had been having a rather rough day. Well, it looked like things were definitely looking better now.

2. Cry Me A River - Julie London

He was sitting in the bar, alone, having himself a few drinks as he thought about what just happened. The fight, the tears, the break-up and then his walking out and not looking back while his now former lover fell to his knees, sobbing, screaming, begging him not to go; but he had had enough of the games, the cheating and the always meaningless, empty "I'm sorry." It was his turn to feel the pain of loss. His turn. After his last drink, Allen left a fifty on the bar and walked home.

3. Sunny Came Home - Shawn Colvin

It was late in the evening when Ryan walked through the door. She was dripping wet from the rain and her hands were covered in some punk kid's blood. She had beat the living shit out of him. He deserved it though. He should have just left her alone, after all, she had just lost her mother to some other punk in a stolen car. Her father hugged her tight to him, asking her what happened, where she'd been, why she had blood all over her knuckles but she was silent, her face blank.

About an hour later, when she was clean, Ryan simply walked into her parents bedroom, curled up in her father's lap, her arms around his neck and just sobbed.

4. Touched - Vast

It had been over a week now and he was seriously at his limit with the blond. If the guy tried something again...the elevator doors closed and Tseng let go of his control, grabbed Rufus and slammed him against the back wall of the elevator, kissing him intensely.

Once in Rufus' office, the door locked, clothes went flying as they tussled about making their way to the bed in Rufus' room. It was after about a good hour of pure, intense and unbelievably wild sex, the two men just laid in bed, Rufus panting and covered in sweat, a huge grin on his face and Tseng sitting up, smoking a clove, glancing down at his boss, a little smirk on his face.

5. Fidelity - Regina Specktor

Sitting alone in her little loft apartment, thinking about her little secret she'd managed to keep from her partner, her boss, everyone. She was working on a new costume piece for the college drama department, just humming to herself. It had been a few weeks of them secretly seeing each other and Chase couldn't help but be a little giddy. They were going to meet up again that night so she had to get this little project of hers finished so she could further allude Cal while she snuck off to see Charlie. She was nearly finished when he cell rang. Looks like she'd be late coming to see him tonight.

6. Closer - Nine Inch Nails

Pain. Pleasure. It was all the same to Niou. It was an addiction. This man's sadistic nature
was his addiction. Niou thrived on it. He loved it when this guy would come up with a nasty
but thrilling little surprise like this.

Niou had been out all night bar hopping when he was suddenly grabbed in an alleyway. The attacker hit Niou over the head really hard, knocking him unconscious. When Niou awoke, he was tied to an unfamiliar bed and what appeared to be his unknown attacker with his dick in Niou's ass. He was being raped and with no lube apparently because Niou could feel the sting of something having been a little torn. The assailant move viciously in and out of Niou's body, giving Niou a few good smacks to the face.

After the course of an hour, Niou groaned a little as he pulled his ropes free. "Good one. I'm totally going to have to get you back for this one, Yagyuu." He smiled as his partner walked out of the shower, put on his glasses and smiled back. "I look forward to it."

7. Spank (kmfdm) - Kidneythieves

The taste of blood in his mouth, the ringing of the music from the club still in his ears, the heat in his ass as the tall man with glasses pushed into him again. The feeling of everything spinning from the possible concussion he's more than likely got from being tossed around the bathroom. The intoxicating feel of this other man's teeth, hands, rock hard cock, the cool metal of this guy's blade slicing over his white skin. All of this just made the rough sex in the bathroom of some underground club with a man who seemed more sadistic than Yagyuu that much more enjoyable for Niou. The white haired masochist had met his match. Though he wondered, what was going to happen once Kite was done with him.

8. Superpowers - Five Iron Frenzy

They had been on the road for days, months, years it seemed and poor Roxie was starting to get a little stir crazy and itching for some trouble. Needless to say when the band finally reached a gas station, she bolted for the ladies room, then bolted for Nix, the band's bass player. The time for pranks was now and it was London's turn to feel the humiliation. "You got the stuff?" She asked. Nix just winked and smirked at her as they climbed back onto the bus before everyone else. This was going to hilarious.

9. Hung Up - Madonna

He was in the club, working the bar like always, dealing with the coked up whores hitting on him and their boyfriend's getting mad and trying to pick fights with him ignoring them while the fiery little half-Chinese, half-American bartender played the roll of bouncer and threw the coked up whore and his jealous boyfriend out the door. It was just another one of those nights at Christian's.

As the night began to finally wear down, Allen sighed, took a break and had himself a bottle of water and a cigarette. He didn't smoke that often, only on nights like this when things were crazy busy. Finally, as the night was coming to an end, a sweet familiar and beautiful voice whispered softly in his ear. "Derek. Where've you been all night? I've missed you."

10. Taste In Men - Placebo

It was a grand party as always. Very elegant and extravagant, full of students from Hyoutei like always, the only difference this time was the dark ominous atmosphere that happened to be lingering in a far corner where the school's tensai sat sipping on a glass of Champagne and boring holes in the back of the host's head with very angry eyes. The prince of the manor and school had been flirting dangerously with a couple of boys here and there, pretty much snubbing Yuushi to his face.

Once the evening had finally come to a close, Atobe let out a contented sigh as he leaned against the door with his eyes closed, oblivious to the jealous tensai still being there. Yuushi slowly and softly walked through the now dim ballroom, his shoes the only sound to be heard until finally Atobe spoke, a little startled at Yuushi still being there. This would not end well.

Date: 2009-03-06 04:39 am (UTC)From: [identity profile]
Mmmm...the Kite/Niou one. *___* ♥

Nice! I like the OshiAto one too. :D


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