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This weekend has been one of those weekends where EVERYTHING is fucking out to get me. D: (Or at least as far as work is concerned. -__-) Friday, I went to our little offsite/stock room thing to do something that the girl who was there for the morning shift should have already done. I was gone for about 30 minutes when suddenly, the cops show up saying "We've been looking for you." I'm all like "0.o I've been back here (in the stock room) the whole time. Why?" And these two guys are all, "It looks like someone tried to break into your kiosk." When I hear that, I come out of that stock room pissed as hell and about to kick some ass. Apparently, some stupid kid had probably been horsing around or just leaned on the damn thing like they always do and caused one of the glass doors to come part of the way off. The damn thing was shittily put together anyway and has been coming off for a while now. -__- So yeah, that was annoying but I fixed it. Also, everyone else that works at the mall around me started to get really worried about me and thinking the worst and OMGOMGOMG! *eyeroll* I appreciate the concern but simple logic should have told them to check the damn stock room. -__- *sigh*

Luckily, I was able to hit up an awesome Halloween party with Kitty [ profile] enthroned at our friend Josh's house, so that took the edge off things. ^__^ I also got to break in my new corset which in turn caused 2 guys to ask me if my boobs were real. It's an under bust corset so yeah, BOOBIES! It also caused another guy to comment on them every time I walked by him. It was hilarious. Made me feel better.

Saturday, I was off, thankfully, and just been lounging around the house when Sam calls me. Apparently, the gossip ring had started around the mall and the story of what had happened Friday night had gotten so fucked up that someone was saying that the cops were yelling at me and I was crying. -__- Sam was pissed and about to totally lay into some asses but decided to wait until she was able to call me and find out what really happened. Honestly, the ridiculousness of it all.

Then there's today. *sigh* Started off pretty normal until one of the other glass doors on the kiosk decided to come off and this time BREAK into a thousand pieces and all while I was busy showing a customer one our jeweler boxes. -___- Thankfully, neither her nor her son were hurt. I, on the other hand, managed to get a nice little nick on my hand that took forever to stop bleeding. -__- Luckily, all the glass got cleaned up in a hurry and everything will be fixed tomorrow. I'm SOOOOOO glad I'm off tomorrow. OMG!

I need a fucking vacation. I can't wait until Halloween weekend. NEW ORLEANS BABY! ♥

Oh and...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARK~!! ♥♥♥ [ profile] kurowkirishima


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