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Hokay so... I have internet again. Both computers work once again but it seems RL hates me a lot lately or something. Seriously. -___-

First, my bank is STILL being GHEI ASS and giving me the fucking run around about shit. They're SO full of shit. Assholes.

And then there's the wonderful announcement RIGHT AFTER my fucking birthday that my parents are getting a divorce. As if I didn't have enough shit to deal with now this. It ALMOST makes me want to throw myself off the fucking roof of the house. I don't fucking know what to do here. I've been going over to Kitty's place as much as possible to avoid having to advise either of them on who I think should move out and who should get to keep the house and who I am I going to live with until I get a job and get all my shit together to live on my own because fuck if I want to continue living with either of them after all this.

All this shit just makes me want to lay face down in the fucking road and wait for a semi-truck to come along or something. Though I'm not really upset exactly, just exhausted and fed up with the shit life seems to be dishing out.

On the lighter side of things, thank you everyone for the birthday shout outs. It made my birthday worth wild. I love you guys~! ♥♥♥~!!

Also, [ profile] perfectassassin and [ profile] daredtygrz. I hope you guys enjoy your presents I FINALLY sent out after having meant to have sent them FOREVER ago. But hey, they're multi-purpose packages. ^__^


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