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Let's start with the good news here. I have 1 night left to work here at this shit hole of a job. I couldn't be happier at the moment...Well I probably could be but I take what the hell I can get here.

The bad news. I HAVE NO INTERNET AT HOME RIGHT NOW!! TT^TT I have no idea when it'll be up again but as soon as it is I'll update for my RP journals. I would update when I'm here but it's hard to think about something to update about when you're as braindead as I am during that shift. I have no inspiration here at work and I lose focus very easily here. Not to mention the net here is shitty and blinks in and out so much that I'm cursing and threatening to tear things apart. -__- All that rolled into one thing I just don't feel much like posting anything. Hell, it just did it a minute ago. Grrr...all the more reason to fucking hate this place.

And OMG I'm so fucking tired, I'm having fun thinking straight and typing here. e___e I NEED SLEEEEEEEEEP!! My eyes are hurting, if it's not one eye losing focus it's the other, and it's only 6 am. T^T I have an entire HOUR left before I can go home! D: DAMNIT!

On a side note, Dare [ profile] daredtygrz and Nan [ profile] perfectassassin I'm going to try and send out presents today. I sadly, haven't been able to send them yet because the post office is only fucking open from 9am-5pm and I'm normally asleep around that time. >.< But I'm going to try to get them sent out ASAP.

LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥~!!
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Hokay so...yeah I hate my dad sometimes. -__- Jerk suddenly wanted to work on something for the kitchen during the HOTTEST PART OF THE DAY! *kicks him* and on top of that I WAS trying to take a fucking nap. Was only able to sleep for like 10 or 15 fucking minutes before my mother comes into my room and asks me to help them move this HEAVY-ASS piece of wood outside so dad can cut it up and shit. -__- This is something that SOOO could have waited about an hour or more. >.< grrrrrr...

ANYWAY...not much else to say about my day. I did go up to this interesting little cafe place in Gadsden to app for a job there. Had an interview on the spot and the guy I talked to said he'd give me a call tomorrow or Thursday because he has to see what the chef guy has to say before he can give me an answer. SO EVERYONE KEEP YOUR FINGERS CROSSED, (if you pray) PRAY THAT I GET THE JOB! I'm poor and in need of moneys so I can save up enough to MOVE OUT OF MY PARENTS place!

On to Host Club!

Ok. I love the anime. It's great. But the only thing about it that's bothering me a tiny bit is that they're skipping around and leaving some of the best stuff about the manga out. o.O But yeah anyway...CAN'T WAIT TIL VOLUME 7 OF THE MANGA TO COME OUT!! Volume 6 was so good! xDD!!

[ profile] enthroned!! I needs to get that to you for you to read! xDD!! Btw...did Mr. LAZYASS WHINY BITCH and Mr. I HAVE TOO MUCH SHIT...*TAKES OVER LIVING ROOM* clean up the house yet?


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