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Let's start with the good news here. I have 1 night left to work here at this shit hole of a job. I couldn't be happier at the moment...Well I probably could be but I take what the hell I can get here.

The bad news. I HAVE NO INTERNET AT HOME RIGHT NOW!! TT^TT I have no idea when it'll be up again but as soon as it is I'll update for my RP journals. I would update when I'm here but it's hard to think about something to update about when you're as braindead as I am during that shift. I have no inspiration here at work and I lose focus very easily here. Not to mention the net here is shitty and blinks in and out so much that I'm cursing and threatening to tear things apart. -__- All that rolled into one thing I just don't feel much like posting anything. Hell, it just did it a minute ago. Grrr...all the more reason to fucking hate this place.

And OMG I'm so fucking tired, I'm having fun thinking straight and typing here. e___e I NEED SLEEEEEEEEEP!! My eyes are hurting, if it's not one eye losing focus it's the other, and it's only 6 am. T^T I have an entire HOUR left before I can go home! D: DAMNIT!

On a side note, Dare [ profile] daredtygrz and Nan [ profile] perfectassassin I'm going to try and send out presents today. I sadly, haven't been able to send them yet because the post office is only fucking open from 9am-5pm and I'm normally asleep around that time. >.< But I'm going to try to get them sent out ASAP.

LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥~!!


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