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All must read this! OMG the crack! I died laughing! It's made of SOOOOO much awesome! x3

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OMG you guys! I have had a somewhat interesting morning so far. When I got off of work this morning, I looked in the car window and I looked like Sanada in a fedora and sunglasses. Then when I stopped to get gas I had Tenimyu blaring and was getting some weird looks from people. I love doing that. It's so funny the looks you get from people at 7 something in the morning. xD And the only reason I was playing my music so loud was because I was doing my best to stay awake. I'm groggy as all hell here.

And with being as sleep deprived as I am right now, hearing Sanada's version of Valentine Kiss for the first time is just that much more hilarious than if I hadn't been without sleep. Yeah, I've never laughed so hard at a tenipuri song than that one. OMG! Sanada's Valentine Kiss for the win! x3

Can anyone tell me who the other back up singer is in that one? I recognize Kirihara but I can't for the life of me place the other one. And when Sana says something he calls sensai it sounded like Sakaki. And then the scream at the end of it makes me wonder if either Kirihara suddenly got jumped by Sana or groped by Sakaki or if the other back up singer got jumped by one or all three. o.O It was serious W.T.F?!

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