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2009-05-07 10:45 am
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Irrational Fears


It's the longest word in our language and it's the phobia of long words.

Random bit of info there. xD
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2009-04-22 12:26 pm
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Happy Birthday Crys~!! [ profile] fic_faery
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2009-04-11 04:44 pm


Hokay, so, I'm sitting here in an internet "cafe" (small room just off to the side with 6 computers and only 2 that work) inside a Burger King in Statesboro, GA on a little field trip thing with my brother and his daughter and the girl scout troop they're apart of, and I JUST got asked by some random kid that how to SPELL Eagles and he's suppose to be in the 7th grade. I looked at him like the lazy dumbass he is and said read a book. He tried to give me some lame ass bullshit excuse to explain why he couldn't spell the word and I just said "I'm sorry but that has NOTHING to do with you not knowing how to spell eagles." -__-
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2009-04-03 12:55 am
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Something Very Funny!! xD

If you haven't seen this yet then you're missing out!

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2009-03-28 02:59 pm
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2009-03-24 12:05 am

TheGreatHatsby bot

Ok. Earlier in the day, I was messaged on my aim by this. It's called TheGreatHatsby. Although the more specific little bot thinger is listed under Coho bots in that article. It was really weird. It hit me and this random ass girl I didn't even know from Adam's house cat. We were both very confused. Here's the convo.

A strange encounter )

Crazy Internets!
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2009-03-21 03:14 am
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Drunk Post!! xD

Went out with a friend I work with to one of the local bars and I got a little drunk. It's amazing what I can do while I'm drunk here. xD I'm amazed I can actually type properly here. lol!

I hurt my knee while trying to head back to the bar for some more water. D: It's all skint up and made of ow here. D: I put some disinfectant ointment on it but it still hurts. D:


Chicken Nuggets from McDonald's are REALLY FUCKING GOOD when you're drunk btw! xD
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2009-03-19 02:38 am
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2009-03-12 12:40 am
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Twilight comic thing! Hilarious!

This little comic thinger is totally an ending spoiler to a book that was a total pile of crap to begin with so enjoy~! xD

Head Trip - Breaking Dawn...
by *shinga on deviantART
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2009-03-09 08:50 am
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Icon request

Can someone do me a favor? Since I lost my Photoshop and haven't had a chance to have it reinstalled, could someone make a couple icons for me?
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2009-03-05 04:36 pm
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Drabble Meme Fun!

1. Pick a character, pairing, or fandom you like.
2. Turn your music player on and turn it on random/shuffle.
3. Write a drabblet/ficlet related inspired by each song that plays. You only have the time
frame of the song to finish the drabble; you start when the song starts, and stop when it's
over. No lingering afterward! No matter how whacked out your drabble is. :)
4. Do ten of these, then post them.

I worked on this earlier today. It was a lot of fun. ^__^ And I just chose random pairings and characters and whatnot. I'm pretty sure [ profile] enthroned's going to enjoy a few if not all of these. xD

Oshitari/Tezuka )

Allen (original character) )

Ryan (original character) )

Tseng/Rufus )

Chase (original character) )

Niou/Yagyuu )

Niou/Kite )

Roxie/Nix (mine and enthroned's OC's) )

Allen/Dereck (mine and enthroned's OC's) )

Oshitari/Atobe )
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2009-02-28 11:26 pm

Charles Bukowski. ^__^


nothing is worse than
a hopelessly untalented

unlike the talented
they have boundless
exuberance and no

luckily, for us,
we seldom encounter
one of them
at small parties
or as entertainers
cheap cafes.

you don't have to actually
go to hell
to know what hell must be
like: just looking
and listening to
one of them
gives you a

there seems to be
one simple undying
the worse the
the more they
are sure
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2009-02-25 03:51 pm

Halfway there. Ow.

So yeah, got the outline and half the fill in done on my back today and OMG OWWWWWW! This is my very first tattoo and it HURT. Luckily, it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be but damn it still hurt. The left side hurt a HELL of a lot more than the right. I can say this another time I curse my sensitive, fair skin. D: I was told it would have probably hurt less if I tanned. That's the worst thing about having so much Irish in me here. Being mostly Irish is good for drinking bad for tanning. >.< Damn it! LOL. Right now it just feels like how a really bad sunburn feels. I know it seems like I'm bitching but I'm actually happy about getting this. I mean I've wanted this tattoo for YEARS so I'm glad I'm going through with it. I just hurts right now. D:

Oh and I can't wait til Saturday! I'm getting my hair cut like Turk Vinny there. xD *points to icon*

And oww, getting chills kinda hurts at the moment. D:
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2009-02-24 01:49 am
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I'm finally getting a tattoo

This is something I've been wanting since I was 11 or 12 years old.

These are pictures from this movie. xD I have an appointment with an artist on Wed at 11 am. xDD I can't wait!
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2009-02-21 01:37 pm

I LIVE!!!!!

Hokay so, I've been MIA from the world of Internet for a while now because my computer's been made of DEATH. Well YAY! It lives again! The worst thing about it is that I'm going to have to reinstall ALL my programs and shit because the comp ended up having to be completely reformatted. D: I'm also having to re-bookmark all my sites again too. I think that's more annoying than my programs just because I don't remember all the sites I had faved. >.<

Anyway, I have something that everyone should listen to. This band's called The Tiny and they remind me a little bit of Regina Spektor and Jill Tracy. xD

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2009-02-06 03:51 am
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Something pretty!

To turn away from something unbelievably creepy that the ever lovely [ profile] shadowivy20x6 posted about a while ago, to something pretty and something I am SO looking forward to when it comes to theaters! xDD These shots make me happy~! ♥

Preview Pic )

Oh yeah, and here's the forum follow up to that creepy creation. There's comments in there that are ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS!! (at least to me anyway. XD)
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2009-01-12 01:07 am

Foreign Disney Songs! ♥ part 2

For those who are unable to download via torrent, here's a link to it on Megaupload~! xD

Foreign Disney songs on MU