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Ok. Earlier in the day, I was messaged on my aim by this. It's called TheGreatHatsby. Although the more specific little bot thinger is listed under Coho bots in that article. It was really weird. It hit me and this random ass girl I didn't even know from Adam's house cat. We were both very confused. Here's the convo.

(4:13:02 PM) selectivecoho Which do you prefer: brown rice or white rice?
(4:13:34 PM) tensaiyuushi white and who are you?
(4:14:57 PM) selectivecoho you messaged me! who are you?
(4:15:45 PM) tensaiyuushi no. you messaged me with do i like brown rice or white.
(4:16:14 PM) selectivecoho no....
(4:16:21 PM) tensaiyuushi yes
(4:16:47 PM) tensaiyuushi why would i message you if it's obvious i don't know who you are
(4:17:48 PM) selectivecoho i am very confused.
(4:17:55 PM) tensaiyuushi join the club
(4:18:19 PM) tensaiyuushi i'm called Tora. you?
(4:18:59 PM) selectivecoho chelsey.
(4:19:24 PM) selectivecoho just curious but what is coho? i have a friend w/ the sn storeboughtcoho
(4:20:10 PM) tensaiyuushi pleasure to meet you. and i don't know. this is the first i've seen anyone by the name Coho
(4:20:39 PM) tensaiyuushi my aim is tensaiyuushi
(4:21:12 PM) tensaiyuushi the sn that i'm seeing you under is SelectiveCoho
(4:21:32 PM) selectivecoho rly?
(4:21:38 PM) tensaiyuushi yep
(4:21:39 PM) selectivecoho i see you as enviousCoho
(4:21:55 PM) tensaiyuushi wtf?
(4:22:03 PM) tensaiyuushi that's really weird
(4:22:09 PM) selectivecoho oh
(4:22:12 PM) selectivecoho googling this
(4:22:18 PM) tensaiyuushi k
(4:22:20 PM) selectivecoho You missed 2 messages from frankenhoodie because they were too large.
(4:22:28 PM) selectivecoho You missed 2 messages from frankenhoodie because they were too large.
(4:23:53 PM) tensaiyuushi find anything?
(4:23:57 PM) selectivecoho You missed 2 messages from frankenhoodie because they were too large.
(4:24:18 PM) selectivecoho TheGreatHatsby looks to start conversations between two random people through AOL Instant Messenger (AIM). The Bot hides its identity by changing all instances of the user’s names into it’s own name. So if you see a chat log of the conversation every time a user mentioned his/her screen name the Bot would change it to the Bot’s name.
(4:25:03 PM) selectivecoho apparently you can make it stop though
(4:25:12 PM) selectivecoho if you type $optout
(4:25:36 PM) tensaiyuushi $optout
(4:25:36 PM) selectivecoho OPERATOR: Are you sure you want to opt-out? If you do, you will *never* be contacted again on the account "TensaiYuushi". There is *no way* to opt back in and undo this.

If you are sure, type "$optout D7A3". Remember, this is permanent and irreversible!
(4:27:24 PM) selectivecoho oh
(4:27:40 PM) tensaiyuushi oh?
(4:28:01 PM) selectivecoho do you have a twitter or livejournal?
(4:28:10 PM) tensaiyuushi i have lj
(4:28:12 PM) selectivecoho i think that's how they get screen names
(4:28:15 PM) selectivecoho ok
(4:28:19 PM) selectivecoho i have twitter
(4:28:22 PM) selectivecoho makes sense
(4:28:28 PM) tensaiyuushi *nods*
(4:28:43 PM) selectivecoho if you wiki the great hatsby it explains
(4:29:22 PM) tensaiyuushi alright. i'll do that later. right now i gotta get to work
(4:29:28 PM) selectivecoho k
(4:30:02 PM) tensaiyuushi pleasure talking with you even though the circumstances were rather odd
(4:30:28 PM) selectivecoho lol saaaame

Crazy Internets!

Date: 2009-03-27 10:50 pm (UTC)From: [identity profile]
WTF?!?! That was totally weird. This is the reason that I usually don't keep my IM running.


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