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You guys are NEVER going to fucking believe this shit. LMAO! Just fucking WOW I'm telling ya. Honestly, here I thought today was going to be UNEVENTFUL as usual. HA! I was wrong!

First off, Kirland's, the place I was working for over Christmas and let me go before New Years...wants me back. I go back tomorrow at 1 pm. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!! And originally they let me go because (they say) I didn't get enough people to sign up for Credit Cards, even though the REAL reason is because they were GOING to have to let two people go anyway and Caty (the Manager's mentally 2 year old, tattling, ass kissing CLONE) fucking hates me. >D Boy is she in for a surprise when she sees that I'm back. HAHA! Stupid bitch.

Secondly, the dumbass that claims to be my father is getting married THIS FRIDAY. Honestly...What-The-FUCK? Just WOW. Score one for the Dumbass' fucking hasty track record here. There's really NOT much else I have to say to that. I mean just WOW! That's REALLY all I can say to that.
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Not sure what's put me in such a dismal and depressing mood but I wish it'd just fuck off already. -__- And on a wild, RANDOM, and totally unrelated side note... my cat's a spas-tard right now and she hasn't had any catnip because we don't buy it so yeah... don't know what the fuck's up with her.


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