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Wow. WTF DUDE? It's been an interesting day to say the least. Day starts out as normal as ever. I get up, head into work, notice that nothing's been done because the same bitch that makes all of us want to kill her did jack shit (as ALWAYS) and then start talking to Sam (my assistant manager) about what all I've missed since I worked last. (which was last Thursday) Sam starts telling about what happened yesterday and I'm just like O.O;. Apparently, yesterday she had to open boxes one handed because she had pulled a muscle in her arm trying to move some of the furniture pieces that she REALLY didn't need to be moving and instead of Loretta (my DUMBASS of a manager) telling her that she needed to go home or to see a doctor about it, she says to Sam "You might want to fill out an accident report." and then walked away.

Well, after Sam tells me all about what happened yesterday and whatnot, she and I go on about our job cleaning up the stockroom and whatnot. Shit that Caty (the LAZY ASS BITCH that EVERYONE fucking hates) was suppose to do the night before. We get all that done and whatnot and are left with a couple hours before to kill by doing nothing before the bitch got there. During that time, some guy and his wife come in with this framed movie poster thing of Gone With the Wind. The glass was broken out of it and the frame was nailed back together in the corners. They were expecting to get a full refund back on it. Sam wasn't going to give it to him because of the shape it was in and the guy starts saying that someone had told him that he could bring it back and get a refund on it. The guy broke the damn thing when taking it out of the car. So Sam tells the guy that he'd have to talk to the manager about it tomorrow.

Some more time passes and it's FINALLY 5 p.m. Yay! Time to go home. The bitch shows up on time (fucking miracle there), takes her shit to the back and then comes back up front to clock in. When she clocks in, she asks Sam if the guy that returned that picture filled out a return slip. Sam was starting to mention something about all that and Caty snapped at her cutting Sam off and asking her again. Sam told her no because she didn't give him money back on it. Caty started to try and argue about it with Sam saying that she had already talked to Loretta about it and that the dumbass said it was ok for this guy to return it. Sam argued saying that it was a wreck and there was no way he'd be able to return that thing for full price. Well, Caty kind of shut up about it and Sam and I clocked out, grabbed our stuff and started heading for the door. Now, in case you don't have to worry about this at your job, where I work you have to be walked to the door by another employee and have them look through your purse/bag/stuff to make sure you're not stealing anything. *eyeroll* So Sam and I have Voneica (the third key manager of the store and friend of ours) walk us out. When we get to the door, Sam's talking to Voneica about talking to Loretta tomorrow about that picture and whatnot when Caty practically screams at Sam from the cash register saying "If you have something to say about me say it to my face." This coming from the world's BIGGEST lying, backstabbing, two-faced bitch. Caty finally grew a set of balls but they were the wrong ones and they caused her to throw them at the WRONG fucking person. Sam looks at her and says "What are you talking about? I wasn't talking about you." Caty continues with something like "Yes you were. You're always talking about me to everyone else." I look at her like she's stupid and say "Uh no. She was talking about talking to Loretta about that picture." She gives me this look like Oh I know you just didn't even try to fucking talk to me. This has nothing to do with you. I was waiting for those words to come out of her mouth and then she'd REALLY get it. Well, this goes on and Sam's getting seriously beyond pissed at Caty now. Caty keeps on provoking until Sam tells her she might want to shut up and get back to work before Sam ends up losing her job and going to jail for beating the shit out of the stupid bitch. Sam and I walk off after that.

I'm betting that Caty has called Loretta crying and carrying on and whatever by now and then I'm also betting that I'm going to hear something about it from Loretta tomorrow as well. So this might mean that I'm going to lose my job tomorrow because I'm going to let that bitch have it if she tries to pull any kind of shit with me. We're suppose to have our district manager come in tomorrow and I'm totally planning on telling her EVERYTHING that goes on in that store. I'm getting sick and damn tired of this shit and I'm totally going to do something about it.

Well, after all that, I get home and find that my costume has gotten here. I open the package, pull out the costume and find that it's so damn big that my mom and I could both fit in it. When I ordered it, I ordered it by the measurements they had posted on the sight. I have a 50 inch waist so I went with the size that said the waist varied between 49-51 inches and was just going to pull in the vest and jacket some if I had to well, when I measured the waist on those pants, it's a 61 inch waist. The measurements on the entire thing is twice the size of the sizes posted on the site I ordered it from. So HOPEFULLY, I'll be able to get them to send me a new one that actually fits.

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I work in a store that sells home decor stuff in the mall. It's 18 days 'til X-mas and it WAS Saturday. OMFGDEATH! I hurt SO MUCH now. I'm waiting for the painkillers to kick in and while I'm waiting I'm eating a cookie and a bag of chips. xD

I NEED to get up off my ass and work on my x-mas presents/cards that I'm looking to send everyone.

But first I need to finish working on my last essay and finish studying for my Lit final. >>;; Wow...I'm amazed I have time to do ANYTHING anymore. At least I'm off this Tuesday and Wednesday. I'm going to see about working on all this shit then considering with the way works been going I haven't had time to do SHIT. Plus I was sick the past couple days and THAT didn't help me any. >>;; I don't do ANYTHING but sleep when I'm sick. ^^;;

OMG! Also, my dad seems to be rushing things a little bit with the new girlfriend. He says he's thinking about moving in with her "hopefully" by the end of the year and he's been going out with her maybe a month or two now. WTF! He wants me to get to know this woman. He thinks I'll like her. I mean he surprised me at the store one Sunday with her so I've met her briefly but that's about it. She doesn't give off the impression that she's going to be a serious bitch to me as of right now but I can't give any REAL impression of her considering I've only met her for like two seconds. I honestly DON'T know what the hell to think about all this shit. I really don't.
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So yeah...started working 3rd shift last night. It was fine. I like it better than 2nd because a.) less to deal with and b.) more hours. Although, I got a wonderful pointless lecture from my boss about 40 minutes ago [Read with sacastic tone in mind here] about how that because I had laryngitis and couldn't fucking speak that it's ok that my mother called in for me but that when calling in that I a.) am required to have a doctor's note and must call in more than two hours before my shift and b.) that no one but I am allowed to call in. Oh and here's my favorite part, normally she'd have written me up for all that, but because I had laryngitis it's ok. *rolls eyes*

Got to love how she kind of threatens or warns me at the end of all that there. The fucking bitch needs to get laid bad but like that's ever going to happen. Anyway, I'm just going to leave all this shit at that because it's a load of shit and she can just as easily replace me as the next person so yeah whatever.

Better news, Bears lost the Super Bowl. :D Oh and if there are any Chicago Bears fans on my flist, sorry. It's not meant to be evil and mean toward you guys. The only reason it makes me happy is because of the select few Bears fans that decided to be dickheads and have signs up during the game against the New Orleans Saints that said things like "Finishing up where Katrina left off" and shit like that. To those assholes...FACE!

Oh, also, Saturday I was at the Books-A-Million, wearing my Kill Hannah T-shirt and just talking to someone I knew when this woman comes up to me and asks what my shirt means. I just look at her funny and say "It's a band shirt." She's all like "Oh. Well it's just because that's my daughter's name and I was just wondering...blah blah blah...She's 12..." I'm just looking at her like Yeah ok...o.O Then she asks me about what kind of band they are and that she plans on looking them up and whatever. Just thought I'd share the oddness of that convo. It's interesting when I think that I promote the band to a mother of a pre-teen that's going through that whole 'boy idol's coving your walls via posters from teen magazines' stage. I just thought it was kind of funny. *shrugs* Anyway...

Oh and Dare ([ profile] daredtygrz), the internet connection at work was teh suck last night so I just gave up trying to get back on. I had tried resetting the fucking router like 5x and it still decided to be fucking GHEI. >.<

I need to look into getting a new job sometime soon. I just have a feeling my boss is going to end up getting to that point where I'll want to rip her goddamn head off for her lack of intelligence. Call it a hunch. *shrugs and sighs*


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