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My father's planning on moving out and I wish he'd just hurry up and get the hell out of my life for a while because all he's doing here is causing me hell. I got fucking bitched at because OH MY GOD I didn't get in until almost 5am and didn't get up until mom got home. And when I was trying to fucking explain to him that I got home late because I had to ride with Miser drives like a GODDAMN OLD WOMAN and just forgot to make sure my fucking alarm was on, he's all like "I don't want to hear it," takes the key to the truck from me and says that I can go look for a job in the fucking Camery that has no fucking AC in it.

From what he sees, I'm just some lazy ass that doesn't really want a fucking job because OMG I'm not getting up every goddamn morning at 7 or 8 and applying at every fucking thing around. God forbid I want something that's not a shit job, that's going to pay 7 or 8 an hour, and that I don't have to fucking work at for 5 years just to get the money I need to live on my own. All the jobs that are out there that pay worth a damn are asking for people to either apply online, email or mail via postal service a resume, or fax a damn resume. The only places that are asking for you to apply in person are the shit jobs that apparently NO ONE wants. He obviously fucking fails to understand that and so I'm getting shit for it.

The more he pulls this shit the more I fucking hate him. I refuse to fucking talk to him now. The asshole needs to just fuck off and leave me the hell alone. Honestly, if he thinks for one fucking second that 'Oh if I take the truck away from her, she'll get up off her ass and actually do something' is any kind of motivation for me to start doing things his way... he's a fucking moron. I'm going to do things the way I know how and enjoy what LITTLE bit of happiness I get from being with friends, whether online or in person. I'm sick and fucking tired of this shit. Once I DO get a job, I'm fucking out of here if he's not gone first.

And I swear to fucking GOD if Hunter fucking starts bugging me about how I owe him 10 goddamn dollars for gas, I'm going to fucking KILL him. I doubt he'll go as far as Randy and call me every week or so about it but if I see him and says something about it to me, I'm going to fucking deck him.
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O.M.G. JUST WHEN I THOUGHT THIS FUCKING STATE COULDN'T GET ANY WORSE. There's a law saying it's ILLEGAL to SELL sex toys that's been in the works since 1998. But the reason it's not actually inforced and the sex stores around here are still open is because it hasn't fully been passed yet or something. There's a fight going on about whether or not to fucking get rid of the assine law.

*rolls eyes* I swear to GOD this place is fucking STUPID! There's no smoking in restaurants and bars in some parts of the area I live in and NOW this state is trying to make it to where people have to fucking go to Tennesse or Florida to get a fucking sex toy. It's either that or you order the damn thing off the internet. It's not illegal to OWN a sex toy but if the damn thing DIES or something, you'll have to hop states or use the internet, which takes 2 days to a fucking week to get in depending on how much you wanna pay for shipping. And I'm not really worried about the OMG lack of sex toys in this state but what gets me is how much this government tries to fucking rule EVERY SINGLE INCH OF YOUR LIFE AND THEN SOME.

I'm just waiting for them to make booze illegal in this state and that everyone that lives here has to be a practicing "CHRISTIAN" that attends church EVERY FUCKING DAY for a whole hour.


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