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Hokay, time for my once or twice a year post on lj~! xD

The past couple weeks have been interesting and epic all at once. xD First there was Jacon, which was alright. HOT as all hell but still had fun hanging out with everyone in the artist alley. ^^

Then there was AZ. WOW, AZ. I'd say this con turned out to be the most epic win thus far. There were a few problems revolving around the OMG Nazism of this oh so truly uneventful con and a couple of issues revolving around the fire alarm but that aside it was still an awesome con. What made this con so truly epic was the people that were there. There was really NOTHING worth going to event wise and the dealer's room was honestly shit.


Kitty and I had a hell of a time getting up there. Traffic was nuts. We had managed to hit the tail end of what was left of a traffic jam that had happened earlier in the day when an 18 wheeler had turned over on I-85 North. But we made it alright and just in time to see Indiana Jones. I have to say I liked majority of it until the ending. That was just serious WTF material right there.


Had a hell of a time getting badges for Nazi-con. I swear they should give out armbands instead and have everyone walking around shouting "Hail!" all the time. *eyeroll* That was a ridiculous mess. But I finally managed to get Kitty and myself one so I could finally set up the art table. We shared a table with Shadi and our table mates were made of so much win. The girls that sat to the right of us were adorable. Sadly, I don't remember their names. >>;; *fails at names a lot of the time* And Dawson, the guy that sat to the left of us was an all-round awesome guy. Not bad looking either. ^^


Had a long day at the table. There were spots where things were at a lull so Kitty and I started rping at the table. We had been doing it Friday too but it seemed like we did it a little more on Saturday for some reason. *shrugs* Anyway, the highlight of Saturday was when we got Kem drunk as hell and when we dressed him up to look like a wonderful little trap in red booty shorts, white fishnets, Shadi's Iori jacket and collar, my boots and beautiful drag looking make-up. The funniest part was after all that when he was REALLY wasted and shouting out RANDOM phrases in the room. The most famous one was "You can't tell me what to do, CELL phone." xD That night will TOTALLY live in infamy.


EARLY, that morning, about 6 something, there was a serious power outage that for some reason caused the fire alarm to start blaring in our room. Kitty and I were totally planning to ignore it and stay in bed but when everyone else was saying something about the rest of the power being out, we ended up getting up. -__- After we finally got to go back to our rooms and go back to sleep, we ended up setting up the table and selling for a few hours before heading out that afternoon for the She Wants Revenge concert. OMG Myrtle Beach, SC is a place I NEVER wish to go to again. One of the worst mapped out cities I've EVER been in. It took us FOREVER to find the House of Blues there. But thankfully, we'd managed to make it in time to see She Wants Revenge come on stage. The concert was great. The only real downside to it was having to deal with drunken asshats that were obviously not there for the band. I nearly got into a fight with one of them when the ass tried to very creepily move in on this girl that was just in front of me. Luckily, nothing really happened because while I was telling the guy and his idiot friend off, the girl that he'd been eyeballing had talked to security and soon after I'd thrown my hand up to blow him off and let him know the conversation was over, security came up to him and told him off before kicking him out. We met up with the band afterward and they were really sweet. The lead singer even mentioned to me that he noticed the whole thing go down and that if the guy had continued to try something then he'd have made sure the asshole was thrown out for me. It made me very happy that he said that. Such a sweety.


Kitty and I had decided to head out after the concert and ended up driving all night to Savannah, GA. After we got there, we managed to find a Best Western so we could crash for most of the day before heading out that night. We went and ate at this little Cajun and Creole place called Huey's on the riverfront. The food was good and our waiter was adorable. He was SO made of GAY. It was cute. Not much else happened that night because there wasn't much else to do. It was Memorial Day but it was also Monday and so there was really nothing going on. But we had fun just driving around for a little bit in the Historic Downtown area. I really do love it down there.

After that, we got back earlier this afternoon. The worst part of that though was the fact that for some reason Kitty's driver's side window of her car wouldn't roll back up and when we got back into town I was soaked and peeved and looked like a drowned cat. -__- Kitty laughed at me. -__- I also had a sunburn that's bothering me a little on the left arm and it's only in one spot on my arm. -__- *sighs* Having such fair skin sucks balls when it comes to sunlight and summer time. Murr.

But anyway, all in all, this was a pretty awesome weekend.
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Hokay so...

To avoid the horror that is Race Weekend, I went to hang out with Ms. [ profile] suthrnbellechan this weekend and just hung out. We've been having a great time. Went and ate at Mikawa last night. Had Una-don and OMG SOOOOO GOOD!!

By the way Kitty, I've seen the area where Persa's being held and it's going to be great. We're going to have a nice amount of space for the art table. The place is very nice.

The worst part of my weekend is I ended up fucking up my lower back yesterday. I was lying in the floor and when I went to get up out of the floor, I ended up moving the wrong way and threw it out. It sucks. -__- Aside from that I've had a pretty good weekend.


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