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Jul. 9th, 2008 01:35 am
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I miss the days where I could easily just poke a friend online and rp with them. Since the end of PoT and since the influx of annoying retarded Cartoon Network Anifags and the lack of GOOD anime these days, I find myself at a loss. I long to just rp and write stories with friends but I'm finding that to be more difficult these days. It's sad. There's nothing out there that peeks my interest anymore. I'm not into Dr. Who, I personally think Stargate Atlantis is boring and crap but that's just cuz I was a fan of the early Stargate. I loved the movie and the series when it first came out. Richard Dean Anderson's awesome in that series and hilarious. I'm also NOT a Battlestar Gallactica fan. Thought that series was boring when it first came out. So it would seem Sci-Fi has bum shit to offer me at the moment. Honestly, for me personally, it feels like creativity as a whole has run dry when it comes to the wide world of entertainment. Television doesn't interest me, I'm not a gamer and I'm very bored. I often find myself sitting downstairs watching movies I've seen several times. Although, on a little bit of a lighter note, I've still got my netflix account which means I'm working my way through the awesomeness that is Quaf. xD I've just finished Season 3 and am going to start Season 4 later. The last episode of season 3 made me really happy. ^^ My love for Brian Kenny has grown oh so much more! ♥♥♥~!!

The only sad thing is I really don't have anyone else to OMFG over this with 'cept Kitty. I'll gab her ear off later about it. *sighs* I just wish there was something else I could get into. Everything just feels like I've already see something similar to whatever story that's out there. BSG feels (to me) like some decided to take little bits and pieces from so many of the old classic Sci-Fi stuff, roll it into a ball, rename it and there you go. That's just what goes through my head when I look at it. Atlantis...I'm going to be nice and not get into that series. I've never liked it and I don't want to go bashing something I know at least ONE person on my Flist loves. Dr. Who...never really cared to watch it. Can't say yay or nay about it. Just not really interested. I can say from what little bit I have seen of Dr. Who, it feels like a weird little mix of X-Files, Eureka, and Slides. That's just the feel it gives off to me. Can't say I've watched enough of it to say "That's EXACTLY what it is!" or anything, that's just the vibe I get when I look at it. *sigh*

I think I'm going to stop now cuz this is starting to get depressing. -__- If I continue, I'll start trying to compete with Vincent on the AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANGST. God forbid. *crosses eyes at the thought*


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