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Ok. So I JUST NOW bothered to watch the Yuushi Momo match for Nationals and WOW I'm a huge Yuushi obsessed dork. lol. But you all knew THAT already.

I just got REALLY excited watching that match. It made me VERY happy. Especially the part where Momo runs right into a pole! lol! Dumbass! *hates Momoshiro if you haven't noticed yet.* ^^;; I also love the understanding between Yuushi and Atobe during this match.

Atobe: Idiot. You're getting too fired up.
Yuu: *in his thoughts* Sorry Atobe. But you don't get to play someone like this everyday.
Atobe: Alright Oshitari. It's a path you have to go through someday.

XDDD!! That whole thing right there was just LOVE! Yuushi's all excited and wanting to play all out and Atobe's like fine. If you're that determined... and it just makes me squee. I love those two. OMG the friendship and understanding they have of each other. Makes me so happy! ♥~!

This picture...GUH! )

Someone PLEASE make an icon of that picture for me. I needs it! *makes super grabby hands* SO HAWT! *drools*

Ok. I'm done with that now. lol.

I need screen caps of Cain from Trinity Blood. *makes grabby hands all over again* I LURVES him.

[ profile] aggy. I didn't get a chance to send you things this weekend but I'm definitely sending you things soon. I just gotta draw it out and whatnot. ^^; Oh and make sure that when you send things through the post office to use the P.O. Box address. ^^ If you've lost it let me know. I'll resend it to you.


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