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So yeah...started working 3rd shift last night. It was fine. I like it better than 2nd because a.) less to deal with and b.) more hours. Although, I got a wonderful pointless lecture from my boss about 40 minutes ago [Read with sacastic tone in mind here] about how that because I had laryngitis and couldn't fucking speak that it's ok that my mother called in for me but that when calling in that I a.) am required to have a doctor's note and must call in more than two hours before my shift and b.) that no one but I am allowed to call in. Oh and here's my favorite part, normally she'd have written me up for all that, but because I had laryngitis it's ok. *rolls eyes*

Got to love how she kind of threatens or warns me at the end of all that there. The fucking bitch needs to get laid bad but like that's ever going to happen. Anyway, I'm just going to leave all this shit at that because it's a load of shit and she can just as easily replace me as the next person so yeah whatever.

Better news, Bears lost the Super Bowl. :D Oh and if there are any Chicago Bears fans on my flist, sorry. It's not meant to be evil and mean toward you guys. The only reason it makes me happy is because of the select few Bears fans that decided to be dickheads and have signs up during the game against the New Orleans Saints that said things like "Finishing up where Katrina left off" and shit like that. To those assholes...FACE!

Oh, also, Saturday I was at the Books-A-Million, wearing my Kill Hannah T-shirt and just talking to someone I knew when this woman comes up to me and asks what my shirt means. I just look at her funny and say "It's a band shirt." She's all like "Oh. Well it's just because that's my daughter's name and I was just wondering...blah blah blah...She's 12..." I'm just looking at her like Yeah ok...o.O Then she asks me about what kind of band they are and that she plans on looking them up and whatever. Just thought I'd share the oddness of that convo. It's interesting when I think that I promote the band to a mother of a pre-teen that's going through that whole 'boy idol's coving your walls via posters from teen magazines' stage. I just thought it was kind of funny. *shrugs* Anyway...

Oh and Dare ([ profile] daredtygrz), the internet connection at work was teh suck last night so I just gave up trying to get back on. I had tried resetting the fucking router like 5x and it still decided to be fucking GHEI. >.<

I need to look into getting a new job sometime soon. I just have a feeling my boss is going to end up getting to that point where I'll want to rip her goddamn head off for her lack of intelligence. Call it a hunch. *shrugs and sighs*


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