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So sports fans, here's the scoop. I can say I started the New Year off with a great night. Went to a friend's house party, got just past tipsy into a lovely happy but still coherent type of drunk and then proceeded to make out with Josh (my friend that was throwing the party), a guy that I use to have this huge crush on when I was only in 7th grade. LOL! It amuses me to think it took 11 years and booze before I could actually make out with this guy. It's just hilarious to me. xD The sad thing is that he was the only one there that wasn't gay (as far as I know) and still good looking. :/ Ah well. I'm not complaining to much. He's actually a good kisser. I kissed a couple other guys that weren't UGLY but not the best looking either, but they really weren't very good and not even really worth mentioning. Well, there was one out of the other two that actually kissed me and was just awful. All tongue and no lips and just...horrible. :/ But I made up for that one by making out with Josh again for the third time that night. xD Oh and the other thing I find hilarious is that Josh's roommates were telling me to rape him and after that (if I was up for it) I could join them in a threesome. o.O I think that was the weirdest part of my night but I guess it's a compliment to be considered for one? o.O I dunno. I can say I looked fucking awesome last night that's for sure.

So yeah, I'd say that was a pretty good start to the New Year. xD Yay! Happy New Year~! ♥


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