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Wow. I never knew it would be this damn difficult to get a fucking costume. They're finally sending me a different one to replace the fucking tent they sent me the first time but they're totally ignoring the fact that their size chart is made of lies and fail. I emailed this company that I ordered my costume from about sending me a new costume. They email me back saying "We are sending you a 3x, even though the mistake is yours for ordering the wrong size. Please return the costume you have." The fucking mistake was made because their size chart and the size of the actual costume don't even match up. >.< Otherwise, I wouldn't have made such a mistake. DUH!

Also had to work out some kinks when I ordered my wig to go with this thing. Had to reorder it because I put down the wrong billing address. We have a P.O. Box and then my living address. Usually, the billing address is the P.O. Box and the shipping address is the living address. Well, mom hadn't had a chance to change the address she had placed on the credit card I used to get the wig. So because of all that, the original order was canceled and I was forced to reorder the damn thing. -__-

Ugh. Why the fuck does everything have to be so damn difficult? Also, why is it that whenever something goes wrong with something I'm ordering, the people I email about getting it fixed treat me like I'm some dumbass? I can say that QQCosplay weren't like that thankfully but they're normally really expensive. If it weren't for the price, I'd have ordered from them to begin with but the other company I used was cheaper. Thankfully, that doesn't make the other company's quality any less than great but their customer service and size charts are CRAP. -___-


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