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Hokay so... Went to Momocon in Atlanta on Saturday with Kitty ([ profile] enthroned)and had an awesome time. Creepy, mentally unstable, bald fat guys aside of course. ^^ It's amazing how freaking well we did in ONE day selling what we had left over from AWA. We made almost $300 which is HELLA AWESOME. Makes me so excited for MTAC! I'm totally into con this year. Last year, Kitty and I were both kinda burned out on con but this time around I can say we're both like "OMG CON! WOOOOOOO!! XD"

My replacement costume finally got in today which makes me happy. Although, the sleeves on the jacket need to be taken in and up a little bit; also the pants need to be hemmed up some too but that's not AS BAD as when I first ordered the damn thing. From here on in I'm sticking with QQCosplay or someone I know that can make me an awesome costume like my mom. (QQ is for the more complicated stuff like if I plan on doing a ToS or ToA costume. xD) This costume's still in good quality just made by a standard that's set for a 6'1"/6'2", 200-300 lbs. bulky American MAN. *eyeroll* -___- At least things fit this time and only MINOR alterations need to be done on it. Though I can say, now that I have the costume, I'm never ordering from them AGAIN unless they allow me the option of having something custom made. (Still doubt I'll use them ever again though. -__-)

The wig for this costume has been sent and should be here by Wednesday so yay~! I has a costume for MTAC at least now. xD Next thing I need to work on is figuring out what I want to do for Jacon and other cons coming up in the season. ^^


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